D. Francisco de Bragança

Francisco de Bragança has been breeding and training Lusitano horses for over 40 years.

Francisco began riding bareback on the family farm of Quinta do Archino when he was a child.

He himself trained and worked with Mestre David Ribeiro Telles, whose famous family continues to this day to demonstrate classical principles.

During 3 unforgettable years, he trained with Mestre Nuno Oliveira at Avessada.

Under  Mestre Nuno Oliveira's supervision, he gets along with his passion for sharing the principles of classical dressage for the benefit of all horses and riders.



His professional activity has been developed through the management of several Lusitano breeders, in charge of breeding, teaching, and selecting Lusitano horses.

Francisco developed his passion for teaching,  sharing his experiences and knowledge, and creating his own equestrian center where he welcomes riders from all over the world.

He has been invited for giving clinics and demonstrations, in Europe,  U.S.A, and Australia, and several horses from his stud have been exported to different countries of the world such as Brazil, the U.S.A, and South Africa.

He wrote some articles about Lusitano horse's capabilities and skills in foreign publications such as "Horse § Hound"- Great Britain and "Levade". Germany.

Sylvia Loch Testimonial

Sylvia Loch, International Dressage Trainer and Author,
Founder of the Lusitano Breed Society of Great Britain and of The Classical Riding Club

  "I think D. Francisco has a very good eye for correcting the rider's seat, aids, and particularly the fine use of the rein. He is a very good linguist and a very enthusiastic teacher for his students' progress.

If every dressage rider went to Quinta do Archino, I believe we would see a great improvement in general understanding and sensitivity. This School is not only appropriate for students but for teachers of riding too".