Horse Training and Livery

At Quinta do Archino we are looking to achieve the very best we can for you and your horse.
Our aim is the provide a quality horse training service that truly gives you the results you want.

Horse training facilities include:

  • Arena and lunging area
  • Training by Francisco
  • Nutrition plans
  • Top farrier and vet services
  • Hacking
  • You can follow your horses progress. Photos of our training programme, training video updates, farrier, vet, etc will be stored for you to view at anytime. This is updated monthly.

We know that leaving your horse in Portugal is a very viable option that can be rewarding for everyone. 

These are some of the many benefits in doing this.

  • The full livery and training is generally more cost effective
  • Portugal has a vibrate and important history in Classical Equitation
  • We understand Iberian breeds very well – however we are happy to work with all breeds
  • The weather is very good most of the time
  • It is cheap for you to regularly visit and train with your horse
  • Lovely Country to explore and plenty of things to do as well as riding

We only take a small amount of horses in for full training. All horses are trained personally by Francisco. His work is all classically based dressage both ridden and on the ground.

When your horse arrives with us we will assess him and discuss with you the best way forward in terms of feeding, shoeing, training etc.  From this we will develop a ‘holistic’ training programme individually designed for your horse that includes:

  • Classically Based Dressage
  • In Hand work and lunge work
  • Riding out in countryside
  • Paddock time


The facilities at Quinta do Archino were designed by Francisco himself to the highest standards and to work in the most efficient way possible.

  • Our stables comprise a row of 12 bright, airy boxes, separated so that every horse can see the others and safely touch noses with their friends on either side.
  • Each box has a window overlooking the 20m by 60m outdoor school, a built in manger and automatic water feeder.
  • On the other side of each box the horses have full view of the spacious corridor leading to the 15m by 30m indoor school. There is a custom built wash area where horses can be safely secured, washed and groomed

Rowena Gallant Testimonial

We have known Francisco and Maria for seven years and when the time came to move to Portugal with our three horses, Francisco agreed to provide livery with training, (for two).

The horses left the UK in the very capable care of John Parker in early April.

On our first ‘flying visit’, July, Francisco showed us the level our horses had reached in their training. The youngster was performing shoulder in, shoulder out, leg yielding and the start of half pass all in hand with such grace and ease. Our Friesian was also able to glide past us performing the same maneuvers. Over the last twelve months we have watched our horses develop into supple, soft animals with the correct musculature to perform all the movements of Classical dressage. There has been no injury or stress as the horses were worked and then turned out to relax and enjoy the good weather. Turnout in Portugal is not always available, so it was good to know our horses had plenty of time outside; our third horse spent most of the year outside.

Paula, the vet from Lisbon University, is always on hand if needed and she has looked after their medical requirements just as our vets did in the UK.

Thank you Maria and Francisco for helping to make our move to Portugal possible.


Livery at Quinta do Archino
Livery at Quinta do Archino
Livery at Quinta do Archino
Livery at Quinta do Archino