Horse Training and Livery

Horse Training and Livery

Full livery plus training of your horse with Francisco 

If you have any questions at all or to discuss available dates
please call Francisco directly on +351 919 187 608



  • Horses are very welcome to stay at our excellent facilities here at Quinta do Archino, to be personally trained by Francisco de Braganca.
  • Many clients who buy horses from us opt to have them stay here a while longer for further training.
  • Other clients simply enjoy keeping their own horse here so that they can continue to have lessons under Francisco’s expert guidance.


Francisco has gained much of his extensive experience through breeding and training his own Lusitano horses for more than 30 years. The mares and foals live out naturally all year round at Quinta do Archino and it is well worth a ride in the jeep to go see them running free. Occasionally some of the mares and foals may be offered for sale. The colts are brought in to the stables at age 3 to be handled and start training at age 4.

 Zeus and Zacarias –  two examples of Francisco’s own line of Lusitano horses,
in training here at Quinta do Archino, from ages 4 to 7 years.

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 Zeus currently remains at the school and some guests have had the greatest pleasure
to feel his unbelievable sensitivity and exquisite movements in their lessons here.

 Zacarias is now owned by Chris Sparrow in Somerset England…
“thought you might like to know that Zacarias is well, settled and happy. He goes from strength to strength and he has never put a single foot wrong. He is my PERFECT horse”. Love from us both Chris & Zac



The facilities here were designed by Francisco himself to the highest standards and to work in the most efficient way possible…

  • a row of 12 bright, airy boxes, separated such that every horse can see the others and safely touch noses with their friends on either side. Each box has a window overlooking the 20m by 60m outdoor school, a built in manger and automatic water feeder.
  • On the other side of each box the horses have full view of the spacious corridor leading to the 15m by 30m indoor school. There is a custom built wash area where horses can be safely secured, washed and groomed. A small orderly tack room
    The 300 hectare farm is a paradise to ride out on… endless sandy tracks, woods, rolling hills and grassy plains, offering a variety of terrain on which the training of the horses regularly continues.