Lusitano Horses for Sale

D. Francisco breeds from a long established herd of Lusitano mares producing a selection of colts, fillies, mares and stallions. Many of these are horses for sale.

Lusitano horses may also be sourced from other trusted breeders and owners to exactly suit your requirements.

Please call D.Francisco directly on +351 919 187 608 to discuss what type of horse you are looking for. You may arrange to visit and try a number of suitable horses.



Horses for sale - Zeus

PSL, Born 2004
Dressage level (UK): PSG (lateral movement in all 3 gaits, Flying changes, Pirouette, Piaffe, Passage)

Suitable for: Dressage, WE, Leisure. ZEUS is an exceptional horse with enormous potential. What is beyond exciting is his fabulous character - although he is schooled to top level, this horse can support even the shy rider. If you are looking for a bright star that will offer you his life in order to please you - you have found Zeus.


horses for sale - Xenofonte

Lusitano cross, Born 2004, 1.7m
Dressage level (UK): Medium - Advanced

Suitable for: Xenofonte is highly recommended for novice riders! If you are looking for the gentlest horse, that will give confidence to anyone, you have foubd the match. He has an amazingly calm character and is the PERFECT horse when you seek for safe and peaceful rides.


Horses for sale - Zip

PSL, Born 2004

Dressage level (UK): Advanced (lateral movement in all 3 gaits, Flying changes, Pirouette, Piaffe)
Suitable for: Dressage, Working equitation, Leisure trail rides.

ZIP is one of our most attentive horses. Thanks to his exceptional flexibility this horse is a safe choice for WE riders - His manageability when led by one hand is beyond spectacular.


Horses for sale - Gingao

Lusitano cross, Born 2008
Dressage level (UK): Medium - Advanced (all lateral movements, flying changes)

Suitable for: Dressage, WE, Leisure trail riding, Carriage.
Our Spectacular Gingao has a little extra surprise for you: on top of being a confident dressage horse, he was also trained in carriage. He will give you the best trail rides and show you how gentle he can be.


horses for sale - Diu

PSL, Born 2008
Dressage level (UK): Medium (Confident in lateral work, counter canter)

Diu is with no doubt the most human contact seeking boy of them all - he will immediately greet you in his box by demanding caresses. On top of being on point perfect dressage horse, Diu is an ultimately confident trail horse that crosses no matter what kind of terrain. His character makes him the perfect horse for a loving novice.


Born 1999

Severa was born to pure breed Lusitano parents Iberico II (M) and Bialadora (F)
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