Quinta do Archino - The Farm

Quinta do Archino has been the Bragança family farm for more than 300 years.

Located in Ota, It is 50km or 45 minutes from Lisbon, with good roads and access. Situated in the unspoiled peace and tranquility of Cork, Pine and Eucalyptus trees, gentle hills and rivers lined with bamboo, the farm is integrated into a beautiful area situated in Alenquer.

Hitch maintain the particular aspects of the region, you are encouraged to enjoy the welcoming landscape and explore the excellent conditions for group hiking, jogging, biking or simply for family walks; A place to gather with nature.


The Quinta do Archino

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"A charming place, To conciliate leisure and contact with nature maybe the ideal recipe for some marvelous relaxing days."

Quinta do Archino
Quinta do Archino