Quinta do Archino - The Stables

Facilities include:

A 15m x 30m indoor arena with mirrors, working equitation paddock, lunge pen, wash-boxes and tack-room. Outside there is a 20m x 60m covered arena, designed to welcome you.

Here our pure bred Lusitano horses live like kings, with their every need catered for. They are hooved and groomed to perfection before each session. Their long flowing manes and tails brushed, hoof dressing applied and brushing boots fitted, as well as checking their mouths and teeth.

Regular turn-outs in the paddocks keep the horses healthy and happy. These are not your ordinary dressage schoolmasters; they are beautiful, well-muscled horses, so bursting with health that you just can't wait to ride.

Guests are also well-catered for with a wonderful Riders' Lounge. The viewing gallery to the indoor arena has sliding windows so you can feel that you're part of the action and continue to learn even when you are not riding. There is a spacious indoor arena and also a large outdoor arena, so two groups can be having lessons at the same time

The stables are a good size in barn stabling, a spacious tack room with modern and Portuguese traditional tack is kept clean and well displayed. Another example of traditional and modern blending perfectly.


  • English Dressage, Portuguese and Portuguese/English Combination Saddles.
  • Snaffles, Pelhams and Double Bridles.

'Gadgets', such as martingales and draw reins are not used at Quinta do Archino.