Classical Riding Lessons

Classical Riding Lessons

“We would never experience the opportunity to ride such fantastically trained horses in the UK – just amazing” Jacki, Christine, Emma, Vicki(ng)

Horse riders of all ages and all abilities are welcome to come here to learn from these beautiful schoolmasters. We have regular students, ranging from novice riders to grand prix competition riders, traveling from the UK, USA, France, Germany, Sweden, Russia, Australia and of course Portugal …

The horses are regularly ridden by Francisco to ensure that they remain unspoiled schoolmasters…often he will present a short demonstration on the horse you will ride before the lesson, clearly explaining the correct position and aids.

Proud, sensitive Lusitano stallions…finely tuned to the lightest aids…allowing you not only to feel how to ride all the school movements, perhaps for the very first time, but also to help you to improve any horse you ride in the future. All are trained in the lateral movements, and the more advanced horses offer piaffe and passage. They will be groomed and tacked up by a member of staff allowing you to relax and focus entirely on your lesson.

Your lessons may take place either in the shade of the indoor school (15m x 30m) or in the fenced outdoor school (20m x 60m). Some students progress to having their lessons out on the farm, practicing what has been learnt out on the open grassy plains.


  • English Dressage, Portuguese and Portuguese/English Combination Saddles
  • Snaffles, Pelhams and Double Bridles
  • Side reins are used in the training of the horses and for lessons given on the lunge.
  • ‘Gadgets’, such as martingales and draw reins are not used at Quinta do Archino





  • Classical dressage lessons
  • Work-in-hand lessons
  • Lunge lessons

  • Individual lessons 50 €
  • Lessons are available most days of the year, weekdays and weekends

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