Trail Riding

Trail Riding

Trail riding around the farm and beyond!

Short tracks, long tracks… Come and join us!

A horse rider’s dream… no cars, no gates to open, the perfect footing all year round and no sound,
save that of nature… at one with your horse
simply free to explore and enjoy all that is Quinta do Archino.

The horses: reliable, responsive, sure-footed and proud… The Lusitano.
If you have never ridden a Lusitano horse before, you will never have felt anything like this.
click here to view a short video of a ride round the farm

The farm 300 hectares of endless sandy tracks to explore. Small, undulating hills to climb for the best views. The smell of Pine and Eucalyptus. Sprawling grassy plains to play upon and gentle streams to cross.
click here to view a video of the farm terrain

Trail Riding offers:

  • Afternoon trail ride – 50 €
  • Lunch / afternoon trail ride – 80 €
  • morning lesson / lunch/ afternoon trail ride – 130 €